Event Management

Whether you are a first time race director or a seasoned veteran, we are here to help you achieve a successful event.  Elite Runners Race Management is proud to help you host a first class event from start to finish.  We are more than just a timing company. Our event management service includes:

Just A Short Run 2013

Just A Short Run 2013

  • Course Design Management
  • Course Management
  • Course Security
  • Developing Event Budgets
  • Event Marketing
  • Race Director Packets
  • Vendor Discounts
  • Volunteer Training.Course Planning

We are happy to advise you with the design of a safe, accurate and fun course specific to your event. Any road running performance intended to be accepted as a record or to be nationally ranked must be run on a USATF-certified course. Most runners compare performances from different courses, which can prove difficult if course distances are not reliable. No one can truly establish a personal best if the course distance is inaccurate. We can arrange to have your course certified, using the same strict USATF standards that guide national and international level road races.  As part of our course design management, we will also provide a course map with link to an online map.

Course Management

Each course has its own needs when it comes to safety and ease of use for participants. Some road courses are completely closed to vehicular traffic, others permit vehicles keeping runners to the shoulder, while other courses aren’t on roads at all. At ERRM, we have the signs, markings, and cones needed to make a course safe. For those courses that require complete road closures, we can provide rental barricades from our partners to ensure the safest route possible.

Course Security

With the importance of participant safety at the forefront of today’s events, ERRM is able to coordinate and plan for the amount and types of security available in order to ensure your event is the safest it can be. Whether it’s an event in an urban setting with 15,000 participants or a rural 5K with 300, we are able to inform you in regards to municipality guidelines and determine the course needs, develop a strategic security plan, ensuring a clear and secure course on race day. We can even book security via our partners on your behalf.

Developing Event Budgets

An event budget is vital for successful races and should be developed in the early stages of planning. ERRM can assist you by providing realistic expectations regarding the expense of specific items and services. We can also offer budget recommendations that can save on expenses as well as other investment ideas designed to result in a better participant experience and larger turnout.

Event Marketing

Elite Runners Race Management knows how important it is for events to maintain as well as increase participation numbers year in and year out. We can provide you with specific marketing strategies and resources to help you reach this goal, including websites you can post your event to for no charge as well as the best paid options for marketing in print, social media and online. These benefits are available to you both as part of your contract and a la carte, depending on your budget and level of involvement.

Race Director Packet

Our newly created and released Race Director Packet is your guide to event success. With over 50 pages of in-depth information ranging from volunteer descriptions, entry form creation, race day logistics and much much more, following these tips will guarantee the best event for your participants. The Race Director Packet is included with every ERRM contract.

Volunteer Training

We take pride in the ability to manage first class events, with a key component being the volunteers and their actions in preparation to the event and on event day. To that end, we will provide extensive training and notes to volunteer captains or coordinators (who will then pass on the information to their volunteers) or are happy to meet with volunteer groups the morning of the event or at a pre-event reception to go over the responsibilities individually.

Vendor Discounts

As a benefit to utilizing ERRM, you are entitled to discounts through our vendors. This will enable you to receive the lowest and most cost-effective price for your event. To see a current list of vendors which are partners of ERRM visit our Partners page.

For more information on how Elite Runners Race Management can help you host the most successful race or event possible call (412) 490-0881.

We are more than just a timing company.